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What products are available for each U.S. Landsat ARD tile?


The following products are available to download for each U.S. Landsat ARD tile from EarthExplorer:

  • Top of atmosphere (TA) reflectance (reflectance calculated 'at-sensor', not atmospherically corrected)
  • Top of atmosphere brightness temperature (BT) (radiance calculated 'at-sensor', not atmospherically corrected, expressed in Kelvin)
  • Surface reflectance (SR) (atmospherically corrected)
  • Provisional Surface Temperature (ST)
  • Pixel quality assessment files (QA) (common and sensor-specific quality bands included)

Figure 1. (L-R): Example top of atmosphere reflectance, top of atmosphere brightness temperature, surface reflectance, and quality assessment browse images

An XML metadata file and a full-resolution browse image are also product download options for each ARD tile. Individual band specifications and other important information about each ARD data product, along with the QA bit index values, can be found in the U.S. Landsat ARD Data Format Control Book (DFCB)

More information about U.S. Landsat ARD products can be found on the U.S. Landsat ARD webpage.

Future ARD derived science product additions are in development and will include surface temperature data, burned area, dynamic surface water extent, snow cover area and land cover and land change maps.