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What are Landsat 8 OLI/TIRS Pre-WRS-2 data?


Landsat 8's Operational Land Imager (OLI) and/or Thermal Infrared Sensor (TIRS) sensors acquired nearly 10,000 scenes from just after its February 11, 2013 launch through April 10, 2013, during when the satellite was moving into the operational WRS-2 orbit. The earliest images are TIRS data only. 

While these data meet the quality standards and have the same geometric precision as data acquired on and after April 10, 2013, the geographic extents of each scene will differ. Many of the scenes are processed to full terrain correction, with a pixel size of 30 meters. There may be some differences in the spatial resolution of the early TIRS images due to telescope temperature changes.

These data are included in the Landsat Collection 1 Level-1 dataset on EarthExplorer, GloVis, and the LandsatLook Viewer.

Images of the data acquired during the Landsat 7/Landsat 8 underfly on March 29-30, 2013 are also available.