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What are Landsat 7 SLC-off Gap Mask files?


Band-specific gap mask files are included with every Landsat 7 Scan Line Corrector (SLC)-off Level-1 data product. These ancillary data allow users to identify the location of all pixels affected by the original data gaps in the primary SLC-off scene.

The gap mask is provided as a series of individual band files, in compressed (GZIP) GeoTIFF format.

Sample SLC-Off to SLC-On gap mask

Figure 1. Sample SLC-Off to SLC-On gap mask

Gap Mask Legend Values:

  • green = primary scene
  • blue = fill scene 1
  • yellow = fill scene 2
  • pink = fill scene 3
  • red = no data (not filled)

For a standard SLC-off product, the data values contained within the gap mask file are as listed below.

Value Meaning
0 No data (data were missing in the original SLC-off scene)
1 Populated data (data were present in the original SLC-off scene)