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What is the Angle Coefficient file and how is it used?


The Angle Coefficient file provides sensor viewing angle model coefficients that can be used to create angle bands, and allows users to compute the solar and sensor viewing angles on a per-pixel basis. 

Angle bands allow users to better understand how the sensor viewing geometry and solar illumination geometry affects the object being sensed by the imaging instrument. Angle bands can be utilized in science algorithms to produce more accurate results over the current practice of using a single solar illumination value and sensor viewing angle based on the scene center.

The information provided in the Angle Coefficient file is designed for specialized users who require the creation and use of angle bands in bulk processing systems and is not required by most users for general image analysis. 

More details on the Angle Coefficient files and their use can be found on the Solar Illumination and Sensor Viewing Angle Coefficient Files web page.