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Supplementary tools and services can be used to view the Landsat acquisitions schedule, watch live acquisitions, request subscription services, determine scene boundaries, establish the best spectral band information for your study, extract metadata, request bulk ordering, and extract ground control points and quality assessment information.


Landsat Acquisitions: View calendars to see the Landsat 7 and Landsat 8 scenes downlinked directly to the USGS EROS archive each day.

EarthNow!: Watch live and recent acquisitions of Landsat 7 and Landsat 8.

Landsat Product Subscription Service: Submit requests to be notified when data meeting specified criteria is added to the USGS Landsat data archive.

Converters & Shape Files: Determine path/row or latitude/longitude, use shape and kml files to view scene boundaries, or view WRS-2 map.

Landsat 8 KML File (immediate download):  Review the latest Landsat 8 scenes or search the Landsat 8 archive using your favorite KML tool.

Spectral Characteristics Viewer: Determine what bands of a multitude of satellite sensors work best for your image interpretation studies.

Landsat Bulk Metadata Service: Extract scene metadata from the Landsat inventory, either by area of interest or by entire dataset. 

Landsat Bulk Ordering Service:  Submit a list of Landsat scenes for data processing or download.

Landsat 8 Ground Control Point Service: Extract ground control point binary files from the USGS EROS GCP Library over your area of interest.

Landsat Quality Assessment (QA) Tools:  Improve Landsat quality interpretation and use.

Landsat Quality Assessment (QA) ArcGIS Toolbox:  Improve interpretation, mapping and application of Landsat quality information.