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Response Linearization Look Up Tables (RLUT)

Response Linearization Look Up Tables (RLUT) are additional files that accompany Calibration Parameter Files (CPF) and contain a mapping look up table to linearize the output of the Landsat 8  OLI and TIRS detectors.

Response Linearization Look Up Tables File Structure

L = Landsat (constant)
X = Sensor (“C” = OLI/TIRS Combined, “E” = ETM+, “T” = TM, “M”= MSS)
SS = Satellite (e.g. “08” = Landsat 8, "09" = Landsat 9)
RLUT = Four-letter RLUT designator
YYYYMMDD = Effective Starting Date (YYYY) / Month (MM) / Day (DD)
yyyymmdd = Effective Ending Date (yyyy) / Month (mm) / Day (dd) 
CC = Collection number (“01”,”02”)
NN = Version Number for this file (starts with 00)


See this web page for more information on Response Linearization Look Up Tables. 

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Response Linearization Look Up Tables

Note: RLUT files can be large and may take a while to download, please be patient.
Files are in HDF5 format. You will need to install an HDF viewer to view files.

Collection 1