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Landsat 1-3 MSS (WRS-1) and Landsat 4-8 (WRS-2) shape files include path/row scene boundaries and geographic coordinates.

Descending (Daytime):  Landsat 1-3, ​WRS-1 - .zip (7.7 MB)     Landsat 4-8, WRS-2 - .zip (5.0 MB)

Ascending (Nighttime):  Landsat 1-3, ​WRS-1 - .zip (7.7 MB)     Landsat 4-8, WRS-2 - .zip (4.9 MB)

Geographic coverage: -180 to 180 degrees longitude, -82.6 to 82.6 degrees latitude

Projection information: Geographic
Units: Decimal Degrees (DD)
Datum: WGS84
Region attribute for the path/row is "pr."

KML Files

Keyhole Markup Language (KML) files can be uploaded to Google Earth, or other geospatial software implementing KML encoding.

WRS-2 scene boundaries (worldwide) - .kml (34.2 MB)

WRS-2 scene center points (north latitude and west longitude only) - .kml (3.4 MB)