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Gabon Ground Station (LBG)

Introduction of Gabonese Studies and Space Observations Agency (AGEOS)

AGEOS is a public agency created February 25, 2010 and is involved in the scientific, technological and environmental fields. The AGEOS main mission is to implement for the Government's policy regarding the acquisition, processing, analysis and providing EO data for the sustainable environment management, natural resources, land use, land use planning as well as research and innovation. AGEOS headquarters is located in Libreville downtown and the ground station in Nkok, 27 kilometers from Libreville.

AGEOS is specifically responsible for:

  • Develop and submit to the government a national strategy in the field of space activities and observation;
  • Implement a spatial infrastructure for national capacity building, in order to ensure the safety and well being of the national community;
  • Establish an space infrastructure over Gabon and central Africa countries;
  • Provide satellite data for climate change impacts studies;
  • Provide EO data to public and private sectors for natural resources and land use monitoring for sustainable development;
  • Promote at the national and international level the research activities, innovation and training in the field of EO applications;

Station Organization: 
Ground Station Location: 
Libreville, Gabon
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Station Lat Long: 
POINT (9.5973 0.3865)
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