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Landsat Science Teams provide technical and scientific input to USGS and NASA to help ensure the success of the Landsat program while providing science support on issues including data acquisition, product access and format, and science and applications opportunities. The teams are funded by the USGS and co-chaired by the USGS and NASA.

Team Meetings - Agendas and Presentations

Publications by Landsat Science Team members

Landsat Science Team Special Topic Videos

2018-2023 Science Team

The primary responsibility of the 2018-2023 Landsat Science Team is to provide technical and scientific input to USGS and NASA on issues critical to the success of the Landsat program, and to ensure that data from future missions such as Landsat 9 are integrated into the overall Landsat record.

2012-2017 Science Team

As recognized national and international leaders in land remote sensing, 2012-2017 Landsat Science Team members evaluate issues of importance to all Landsat users. They play a key role in ensuring that data from future missions are successfully integrated with already archived remotely sensed data for the purpose of observing national and global environmental systems.

Special Topic Videos

A number of Landsat Science Team Members went on camera to discuss the value and impacts that Landsat has brought to their research.

Team Topical White Papers

USGS-NASA Landsat Science Team Statement of Landsat Continuity: Priorities for a Future Land Imaging Architecture for Sustained Landsat Observations (2014)
Landsat and Sentinel-2: Synergy, Opportunities, and Issues (2014)

2006-2011 Science Team

The 2006-2011 Landsat Science Team worked to recommend strategies for the effective use of archived data from Landsat sensors and investigate the requirements for future sensors to meet the needs of Landsat users, including the needs of policy makers at all levels of government.

1996-2001 Science Team

The 1996-2001 Landsat Science Team took on the responsibility to conduct basic research, develop new and innovative methods for using Landsat observations for global change studies, and to evaluate the quality of data acquired by Landsat and other land-surface imaging missions prior to the launch of Landsat 7.


USGS Announcements of Landsat Science Teams