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The Landsat Program provides over 40 years of calibrated medium spatial resolution data in support of a range of applications in areas such as global change research, agriculture, forestry, geology, land cover mapping, resource management, and water and coastal studies - to name a few.

This page contains examples of regional and global Landsat data applications that can assist policy makers and land managers in making informative decisions about our environment and Earth's natural resources.


Tom Patterson’s National Park Service map of Kenai Fjords.

National Park Service Cartographer Tom Patterson Talks Landsat


Satellites, supercomputers, and machine learning provide real-time crop type data


LandsatLinkr-Harmonizing the Landsat Archive
LandsatLinkr (LLR) - Harmonizing the Landsat Archive


  GDA analysis-ready Landsat time series mosaics of the United States.
Landsat Provides Near Real-Time Global Agricultural Analysis

 Satellite Forest Monitoring in Canada interface
Landsat Data Valuable in the Assessment of Forest Change in Canada



Global Forest Watch interface
Monitoring the World's Forests

Google Earth Engine’s Timelapse viewer
Google Powers Platform for Earth Science Data and Analysis



Brown Marsh - Terrebonne Basin, Louisiana
Landsat Maps Global Surface Water and Long-Term Changes

Sheridan Glacier, Alaska
Landsat 8 Tracks the Velocity of Glaciers and Ice Sheets in Near Real-Time


Free & Open Landsat Archive: Barb Ryan



Changing Forest Phenology: Andrew Elmore

Monitoring Polar Ice Caps: Ted Scambos


Assessing Global Impact: Alan Belward


Open Data in Australia: Adam Lewis




Tracking Water Changes: John Schott


Monitoring Canada's Forest: Mike Wulder




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