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Landsat Science Team Meeting - January 9-11, 2007

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Landsat Science Team Meeting

January 9-11, 2007

Landsat Science Team Meeting Team
Figure 1. Team Picture


Tuesday, January 9

Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) Status

  • Overall Mission Concept (Jim Irons, NASA; Jason Williams, USGS) - .ppt (2.11 MB) .pdf (1.87 MB)
  • Status of Procurement and Tentative Schedule (Bill Ochs, NASA) - .ppt (1.50 MB) .pdf (219 KB)
  • Space Segment Requirements and Specifications (Jim Irons, NASA) - .ppt (6.28 MB) .pdf (215 KB)
  • Ground Segment Requirements and Specifications (Mike Headley, USGS) - .ppt (8.85 MB) .pdf (1.29 MB)

LDCM Status

  • Products (John Dwyer, SAIC, Contractor to the USGS) - .ppt (340 KB) .pdf (53.3 KB)
  • Thermal Infrared Instrument Prospects (Jim Irons, NASA) - .ppt (1.40 MB) .pdf (581 KB)

Landsat 5 and 7

  • Status of Operations and Plans (Kristi Kline, USGS) - .ppt (9.14 MB) .pdf (1.88 MB)
  • Upcoming Landsat 7 Products (Jim Lacasse, Rachel Kurtz, USGS) - .ppt (7.70 MB) .pdf (2.45 MB)
  • Calibration and Validations Status (Ron Hayes, SAIC, Contractor to the USGS) - .ppt (6.80 MB) .pdf (2.19 MB)
  • Cal Val Activities and Issues (Brian Markham, NASA) - .ppt (538 KB) .pdf (139 KB)

Landsat Long-Term Acquisition Plan /LDCM GMAP (Jim Lacasse, Rachel Kurtz, USGS) - .ppt (799 KB) .pdf (255 KB)

Wednesday, January 10

Future of Land Imaging Study and Status (Ray Byrnes, USGS and Ed Grigsby, NASA) - .ppt (3.25 MB) .pdf (654 KB)

Mid-Decadal Data Set Initiative (Jeff Masek, NASA) - .ppt (7.28 MB) .pdf (2.56 MB)

Landsat Data Gap Study (Greg Stensaas, Gyanash Chander, SAIC, Contractors to the USGS) - .ppt (16.0 MB) .pdf (4.32 MB)

  • Study Purpose and Scope
  • Overview of Potential Gap Sources - .ppt (152 KB) .pdf (34.2 KB)
  • Cross-Calibration of Sensor Data
  • Next Steps

LEDAPS and the North America Carbon Program (Jeff Masek, NASA) - .ppt (13.8 MB) .pdf (4.35 MB)

Other Activities

  • SAXTA (Chris Justice, University of Maryland) - .ppt (1.72 MB) .pdf (1.41 MB)

Landsat Science Team Members Presentations (EROS Auditorium)

Thursday, January 11

Data Ordering Procedures (Linda Jonescheit, SAIC, Contractor to the USGS) - .ppt (6.13 MB) .pdf (2.59 MB)

Landsat Science Team Organization and Governance (Team, Loveland, Jim Irons)

  • Team Leadership
  • Establishment of topical work teams

Future Activities Planning and Closing Discussion , Contractual Discussion

(Team, Loveland, Jim Irons, Kathy Markey, USGS)


Landsat represents the world's longest continuously acquired collection of space-based moderate-resolution land remote sensing data. Four decades of imagery provides a unique resource for those who work in agriculture, geology, forestry, regional planning, education, mapping, and global change research. Landsat images are also invaluable for emergency response and disaster relief.


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