National Ground Segment Neustrelitz

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Aerial picture of a ground station in GermanyGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD)
National Ground Segment


The National Ground Segment Neustrelitz

The National Ground Segment Neustrelitz - a department of DLR's German Remote Sensing Data Center - can look back on a long-time history of research. It emerged 1992 from the Satellite Ground Station of the Institute for Cosmos Research of the German Academy of Sciences of the GDR, which has been built and operated at this location since 1968. Most of employees of DLR facility work in the research and development domain. Existing fields of activity have been continually developed throughout the almost 40 years of the ground segments existence. The ranges of tasks include the following:

  • Permanent receiving antennae for remote sensing and scientific small-scale satellites
  • Automated, operational service of Mission-PACs (litigate and archive centers) incl. NRT (near real-time) processing and data delivery
  • Development of hardware-components and software-tools for receipt, processing and archiving of satellite data

Due to the governing of the complete chain starting with data acquisition, over data processing, to the point of data delivery, the user can quickly access system-adjusted, high-quality, homogenized data sets with high information content and facile access procedures. The ground segment is currently involved in more than 10 national and international missions, amongst others as receiving antennae of ESA Earthnet for European remote sensing missions. The ground segment therefore cooperates closely with a multitude of scientific and commercial partners and authorities.

Satellite data receiving systems

  • Satellite data receipt of approx. 7000 passages per year
  • Operations in a multi sessions scenario 365 days/year 24 hours/day
  • Conception and construction of receiving components and chains
  • Design and implementation of test and simulation systems
  • Development of station's software for monitor and control-tasks

Organization Units

  • Reception Systems
  • Data Management MMF (Multi Mission Facility)
  • Thematic Processor Development And Validation
  • Operation MMF

Station Organization: DLR

Ground Station Location: Ulan Bator, Mongolia

Ground Station ID: ULM

Station Lat Long: POINT (47.9253 106.9592)