Kongsberg Satellite Services AS (KSAT)

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Station Country: Norway

Station Website: http://www.ksat.no/

Station Email: ksat@ksat.no

Kongsberg Satellite Services AS (KSAT) is a commercial Norwegian enterprise uniquely positioned to provide ground station services for polar orbiting satellites and global earth observation services. Our ground stations in Tromsø¸ Norway at 69°N, Svalbard (SvalSat) at 78°N, Inuvik, Canada at 68°N, Punta Arenas, Chile at 52°S and Antarctic TrollSat Station at 72°S, provide great coverage for polar orbiting satellites. The Svalbard satellite station has a unique location, ensuring access to every orbit for most polar orbiting satellite. The Svalbard site is being used to acquire Landsat data.

KSAT has a growing global ground station network consisting of 25 sites, which can provide additional contacts for polar satellite and support lower inclination missions. Our robust and integrated network represents a complete ground network capability, offering flexible solutions for satellites and launch vehicles. KSAT supports more than 150 missions, including high resolution synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and electro-optical satellites, allowing us to provide earth observation data and services to a wide range of customers.

The Tromsø Network Operations Centre (TNOC) is staffed 24/7 all days of the year and is responsible for remotely operating facilities around the world as one single interconnected network. KSAT has a high focus on automated operations and multi mission assets to be able to support our customers efficiently and with a high reliability.

Station Organization: KSAT

Ground Station Location: Svalbard, Norway

Ground Station ID: SGS

Station Lat Long: POINT (78.2306 15.3894)