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Station Country: Italy

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ESRIN, known as the ESA Centre for Earth Observation, is the ESA establishment responsible for managing the operation and exploitation of ESA's Earth Observation satellites. In cooperation with other space agencies, it also manages the acquisition, distribution and exploitation of data from non-ESA satellites.

In carrying out this work, ESA's Earth Observation Directorate works closely with national space agencies, both in ESA Member States and worldwide, as well as with coordination and standardisation bodies. It also cooperates with many small-and medium-sized enterprises, and with the service industry.

Data from the many instruments on board ESA satellites (Ers2, Envisat, Proba, Smos, Goce, Cryosat) are acquired and processed at the ESA EO 14 facilities in Europe and Canada and then distributed to a worldwide user community that includes several thousand scientists, value companies or application centres. Similar operations are performed for more than 20 non-ESA Earth Observation active and non active satellites like Modis, Noaa, Spot, Scisat, Odin, Kompsat-2, etc. For the Ers-2, Envisat, Cryosat, Goce and Smos missions ESRIN manages and schedules the satellites' payload data transmission links to a network of worldwide acquisition stations.

Instrument performance and product quality are permanently checked and new products developed in response to evolving user demand. Responsibility for ensuring this is done quickly and efficiently lies with those working in Earth Observation at ESRIN.

Station Organization: ESA

Ground Station Location: Matera, Italy

Ground Station ID: MTI

Station Lat Long: POINT (40.65 16.7)