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Station Country: Russia

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ScanEx Research and Development Center (ScanEx R&D Center) is the leading Russian company within the remote sensing market, offering a complete set of services from acquisition to thematic processing of Earth observation images acquired from space. The ScanEx R&D Center has been operating as a private company since 1989.

The main areas of activity include:

  • Design, manufacture, and supply of universal ground stations Alice-SC™ (L-band) and UniScan™ (X-band) for real-time reception and processing of remotely sensed data from space.
  • Operation of the UniScan™ ground station network in Russia for real-time data acquisitions from the Terra, Aqua, IRS-1D, CARTOSAT-1, RESOURCESAT-1, Landsat 5, SPOT 2/4/5, EROS A/B, RADARSAT-1, ENVISAT-1, and FORMOSAT-2 satellites.
  • Remotely sensed data management activities, including: archive, catalogue, sales (IRS-1C/1D, CARTOSAT-1, RESOURCESAT-1, Landsat 4/5/7, SPOT 2/4/5, EROS A/B, RADARSAT-1, ENVISAT-1) and distribution (IKONOS, GeoEyE-1, QickBird, WorldView-1, TerraSAR-X, ALOS).
  • Software for remotely sensed data acquisition, processing, archiving and thematic analysis (ScanReceiver, ScanMagic, MagicCatalog, ScanEx Image Processor, and Thematic PRO).
  • Thematic projects based on remotely sensed data.
  • Training courses dedicated to remote sensing, data processing, and interpretation.
  • Creation of geoportals based on remotely sensed data (
  • Communication through meetings such as the International Conference on "Earth from Space - the Most Effective Solutions".

Station Organization: ScanEx

Ground Station Location: Magadan, Russia

Ground Station ID: MGR

Station Lat Long: POINT (59.5567 150.8283)