INPE - National Institute for Space Research

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Station Country: Brazil

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INPE - National Institute for Space Research

General Coordination Satellite Tracking and Control Center (CORCR)

Tracking, Operation and Reception Service (SECOR)

SECOR, the Tracking, Control, and Reception Service, is responsible for TT&C activities of all of INPE's satellites in orbit, including SCD1, SCD2, AMZ1, as well as the China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellites series (CBERS4 and CBERS4A). SECOR is also in charge of receiving and delivering image data acquired by high-resolution remote sensing satellites such as CBERS-4, CBERS-4A, Amazonia-1 and LANDSAT. Additionally, it is responsible for receiving numeric and low-resolution remote sensing data from environmental satellites such as NOAAs, NPP, COSMIC, METOP, TERRA, ACQUA, etc.


  1. Receive, demodulate, and deliver satellite data and earth observation numeric data to the INPE Satellite Data Center – COIDS in an operational manner.
  2. Maintain and improve the ground station RF systems and baseband equipment for receiving Earth observation satellite data.
  3. Ensure the reception and delivery of Earth observing satellite images for the Brazilian Space Program and establish procedures to ensure a higher level of availability.

Station Organization: INPE

Ground Station Location: Cuiaba, Brazil

Ground Station ID: CUB

Station Lat Long: POINT (-15.5528 -56.0733)