INPE - National Institute for Space Research

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Station Country: Brazil

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INPE - National Institute for Space Research

General Coordination of Earth Observation (OBT)

Image Generation Division (DGI)

DGI - Image Generation Division is responsible for the reception, processing and distribution of the images acquired by the CBERS, LANDSAT, RESOURCESAT, ENVISAT, AQUA and TERRA remote sensing satellites.


  1. Process, store and disseminate, in an operational way, satellite data and earth observation images.
  2. Maintain and improve the systems and equipment for processing of Earth observation satellite data;
  3. Establish relationships with Earth observing satellite operators, public or private, guaranteeing data availability for the country's interest;
  4. Guarantee the reception and generation of Earth observing satellite images of the Brazilian Space Program and establish procedures to ensure a wider dissemination of these images;
  5. Actively collaborate with Brazilian companies to develop national technical capabilities in satellite data reception and processing;
  6. Maintain, update and ensure broad accessibility of the Remote Sensing Data Center, which houses all of the remote sensing imagery received by INPE, for the national community.

Station Organization: INPE

Ground Station Location: Cui­aba, Brazil

Ground Station ID: CUB

Station Lat Long: POINT (-15.5528 -56.0733)