The Ecuadorian Center for Remote Sensing (CLIRSEN)

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Station Country: Ecuador

Station Email:

The Ecuadorian Center for Remote Sensing (CLIRSEN) operates the Cotopaxi ground station. The 10 meter antenna has received signals in X-band (8040 - 8400 MHz) of the Landsat TM, SPOT HRV, ERS SAR and SAC-C satellites. It has a large historical archive (since 1990) available to internal and external users.

Historical Data:

  • Landsat 5
  • ERS 1-2
  • SPOT 1-2
  • SAC-C
  • NOAA

Current Data Acquisition:

  • NOAA
  • SAC-C

Location: Ecuador, Provincia del Cotopaxi, Cantón Latacunga, Parroquia Pastocalle, Páramo de Romerillos, 00° 37’ 20” S, 78° 34’42” W.

Station Organization: CLIRSEN

Ground Station Location: Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Ground Station ID: CPE

Station Lat Long: POINT (-78.5791 -0.6223)

Station Phone: 593-(02)2543193 at Quito,  593-(02)2524843 at Cotopaxi