Comision Nacional de Actividades Espaciales (CONAE)

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Station Country: Argentina

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Comision Nacional de Actividades Espaciales (CONAE)

Cordoba Ground Station is one of the Service Program of CONAE, responsible for the tracking telemetry, telecommand and control (TT&C) of the Argentina satellites as well as international. This station is also responsible for the ingestion, cataloging and archiving of different satellite data products. Additional responsibilities include performing the regular reception of data from the entire national territory, its continental platform and the neighboring countries.

Cordoba Ground Station is located at 30 km southwest of Cordoba City, Argentina as part of Teofilo Tabanera Space Center.

Beside the Cordoba Ground Station, CONAE has in this Space Center different facilities to promote and support the Argentina Space Plan, as follow:

- Mission Control Center: Responsible for planning, commands elaboration and monitoring space missions of CONAE.

- Testing and Integration Facilities: In charge of integrating scientific satellites and running environmental and qualification tests.

- Institute for Advanced Space Studies Mario Gulich: For the promotion of advanced knowledge and innovative use of space information; it also aims at developing highly skilled human resources. The main objective is develop innovative use of space information.

Station Organization: CONAE
Ground Station Location: Cordoba, Argentina
Ground Station ID: COA
Station Lat Long: POINT (-31.5242 -64.4636)